The City of Borgne

Borgne, Province of the Northern Department was once called Embarcadère. It has seven (7) communal sections. its best feature is the beautiful mountain. Borgne enjoys year long tropical climate. The inhabitants of this province carry the name of Borgnelais.

In 1998, the Borgne population was estimated at 60 323 people and have increase to about 80 000 people since then. For an area of 191,52 Km2, its density was 315 inhabitants per square kilometer in 1998 and has gone up to 500 inhabitants per square kilometer since then.

From a religion standpoint, Catholicism is the dominante doctrine, practiced by 29% of the population and Baptist with 27%.

The province has two administrative and judicial building, one police station and one peace court.

From a cultural and recreational standpoint, the province of Borgne has a library and a theatre. The most practiced sports are soccer and basketball.

During our last visit to Haiti, we took the opportunity to take some very interesting pictures revealing the beauty of the architecture, the people and the places of the city of Borgne. Some of the pictures also show how the people love to get their groove on and get loose every once in a while.

If you are from Borgne, the photos should take you back to your roots and they will also give a good idea of how the place has evolved over times, and hopefully make you wan to go back and relive some of your happiest moments.

If you have never been to Borgne on the other hand, the pics should give you a glimpse of how fun it would be to spend a few days there. We have great beaches, beautiful hotels, nice evenings spots to hang out, great haitian beers and lots more.